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As the UX resource for the mobile team at The ACTIVE Network, I received an awesome opportunity to work with the WannaDo team to design a native mobile application as well as working out a few concepts for responsive web. WannaDo is a self-ticketing platform that provides tools to organizers for creating events while giving consumers an easy way to discover new activities to do. If you ask me, they've created an awesome website that's simply fun to use. Check it out

The idea of WannaDo is novel in nature, so it was important to have a rough game plan to go off of before touching any prototyping/design software. We iterated on a few ideas for a general IA site-map then moved on to sketching and prototyping some ideas. 


Mobile usage has become prevalent in our culture and many have recognized the importance of having a mobile presence. With a beautiful desktop friendly website already launched, the key to this project was to truly understand   the context of use for mobile devices. More importantly, it was about acknowledging that there was undoubtedly a different style of usage when comparing mobile vs desktop. 

With that said, it was key to study the current usage patterns of current mobile applications while understanding our users in parallel. Personas, storyboards and the whole nine yards. 

Because WannaDo already supported desktop, the most astonishing part about this project was how we were able to learn first handedly from what's commonly known as the "mobile first" philosophy. While designing for mobile, there were sudden realizations throughout the process where the team reconsidered their concepts seen on the website. As a mobile designer, I thought that was pretty cool. Take a look at the earlier concepts. WannaDo mobile is currently in the works, so check back for updates.