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Navigation index

The primary focus of this project was to create a consistent navigation pattern for all sites under the Porch banner. A number of touch-points include but aren't limited to overall content strategy, new IA structures and consistent interaction patterns that would run smoothly across all Porch websites. The biggest challenge here from an interaction perspective was to design for both consumer and business accounts into a singular experience. I ended up breaking different navigational features out into their own respective components. See below as a reference.

This domain was created as a tool for Lowes employees and allows them to do quick, consecutive search entries to recommend home professionals to their clients. I had proposed a few options for how this site should behave, but found during research and testing that the most intriguing part was how users were interpreting search results. 

In terms of searching for home professionals, credibility was a huge factor in decision making. This feeling of trust tends to be based off of number of endorsements, star ratings, peer reviews and overall length of experience. From a technical perspective, we only had so much data to work with and for the most part, the type of data we had was spotty and varied drastically from pro to pro. As the design tried to surface the most meaningful amongst these variables, it was unclear to users as to why the search results were ordered the way they were. Although there was a strong push from the product side to feature as much data as possible, users began to analyze and compare any data point that was shown and as a result, had a harder time making a decision. A lesson learned here was that regardless of the number of designs we tested, showing too much spotty data was a direct contributor as to why users were still lacking confidence. The research done on had a huge impact on design decisions made for the primary consumer portal on


Onboarding home professionals

With a new partnership with Lowe's in place, we wanted to provide a way for home professionals to manage and feature their businesses on Because Porch intakes large sets of city permit data and organizes it into consumer-friendly form, it is important to consider the (several) use-cases when certain variables are unavailable.