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Hunt and Fish

I'd like to think that I know a thing or two about designing cool mobile applications, but hunting or fishing? Nothing. In fact, starting off with a clean, unbiased slate proved to be an advantage for me. Although the ultimate goal for this application from a business perspective was to supplement the ACTIVE Outdoors consumer portals ( and, my goal as an experience designer was to create an engaging tool for hunters and anglers that would solve real problems while supporting business needs.

I kicked off the design process by engaging with subject-matter experts; interviewing a few sportsmen from Tennessee and California to gain an understanding of their community. Next, I took what I learned and went from sketching to creating an interactive prototype using Axure.


Documentation is a big deal to these sportsmen. Our brains can only remember so much about an experience and more often than not, we retell a story differently from how it actually happened. I've found that these sportsmen love to share, remember and learn from their previous encounters and will often times use a paper journal to document their experiences. The Journal feature allows a user to quickly document their harvest experience with geotagging, photo documentation, time/date stamp and open text entry.  

Rather than having to visit a retail Point-of-Sale (POS) to get a license, users can now purchase and organize hunting and fishing licenses digitally through their phone. No cell phone coverage in the wild? The app stores a local PDF copy of the license to display to law enforcement when necessary.