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I'm an interaction designer and information architect. View some of my recent projects by checking out the places I've worked at below. 



During my time at GoPro, I led research, prototyping and testing initiatives for the mobile team. I had the opportunity to work on a ton of fun projects, but my primary focus was on designing interactions that allow camera hardware to sync and communicate with the iOS & Android applications.


Working at a startup was about learning how to wear multiple hats and managing priorities under times of uncertainty. My priorities were to define consistent global interaction patterns for Porch's consumer experience while working closely with product teams to create engagement models for a diverse group of home professionals. 


Digitaria is a digital agency founded in 1997 specializing in branding & digital solutions. I worked as a UX consultant for a variety of different accounts like The Princeton Review and Qualcomm, but my key focus was on collaborating with Royal Caribbean International to successfully redesign Cruising Power - a tool for travel agents to create and manage vacation reservations.

The ACTIVE Network

Led interaction design initiatives for the mobile team by defining user flows, mock-ups and interactive prototypes for research & testing on a variety of mobile applications including the ACTIVE app, Hunt & Fish, Couch-to-5k and On-Site.