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Device Setup

The focus of this project was to give first time users a great "out of the box" experience by helping them pair their new GoPro camera to the mobile app. The biggest advantage to pairing is to have remote access of primary camera functionality from your smartphone.

One of the most interesting aspects of this project was understanding the technical aspects of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/BLE pairing between devices. Although common usability standards recommend that less clicks is better, I started off by studying my technical constraints and drafting up a lengthy flow that encompasses everything I needed to see before even thinking about shortcuts. You can't create shortcuts as a designer unless you know the cost of exactly what you're cutting out of the equation. 

After having a few whiteboard sessions with iOS and Android tech leads, we finally had lengthy yet technically feasible flows that account for iOS & Android native capabilities. I was aware of the unattractive length of this work flow but I was happy to have something that would work with our camera hardware and decided to prototype and conduct a few tests to grab some initial impressions.


HiLight Tagging

Often times, video editing is the art of reviewing and clipping segments from mass amounts of media with the goal of creating a more personalized story-telling experience. Easier said than done. A large part of this process involves recollecting when a particular moment had occurred. HiLights is a concept that essentially allows users to add bookmarks, or reference points, while recording media from their camera. From a reviewing and editing standpoint, it can save a lot of time by simply jumping through your HiLights to review those memorable events. Check out the documentation and interactive prototype below.