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My enthusiasm for interaction design stems from my college days where I received my Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science and Human-computer Interaction at the University of California, San Diego. Although I'm aware that part of being a design professional is to have a great portfolio, my challenge here is to provide you with a narrative for each project that encompasses the entire journey leading up to the production work, without having spoken to or formally meeting you. In any means, I'd like to share how I went about identifying a variety of different problem sets and the techniques I used to go about solving them. The majority of work shown here was done while I was working at The ACTIVE Network, but I also have my fair share of work from GoPro, Porch and Digitaria

Often times you'll hear folks limit the idea of design to the things you see on the surface. I love and appreciate the work graphic artists produce, but note that I didn't make this to talk about just that. The projects I've decided to include here highlight research insights as well as a range of design artifacts from sketches, wireframes and interactive prototypes. But because these projects are already out in the world, I've also included final visual designs, most of which have been produced by talented visual designers I've had the opportunity to work alongside.